The Dairy Free Detectives 1

Since, Zac was first diagnosed as ‘intolerant’, my husband Tom has been as determined as me to find new and interesting foods for Zac to try. As he works in London, he has access to a few more shops than me and every so often comes home with something he hopes will ignite Zac’s interest. He found Zac’s first non-dairy Easter Egg and has also found a variety of other new confections, including some ‘fake smarties’.

Now we know Zac has to continue living this way for several years to come, Tom and I have decided our new mission is to become ‘Dairy Free Detectives’ and find those alternatives and help other people to find them too.

Tom’s mission on Friday met with some success. He had just had a look in the large Holland and Barrett near his office. He came home with some Provamel cherry flavoured yoghurts, a breakfast cereal we have not yet tried (Dove’s Farm corn flakes), a chocolate bar and some ‘mozarella’ cheese.  All for the bargain price of £7.23!!!

Zac was most thrilled with the yoghurts and demolished one straight away. We put the chocolate away for another day and he tried the cereal the next morning and gave his rarely bestowed approval.  I told him I would make him a pizza for lunch the next so we could try the cheese. He went to bed happy and so I got to work. Where else can I buy these things? Can I find them cheaper anywhere else? Do the people who make them, have other products we should try?

After a quick bit of detective work, I found out that Provamel is a brand owned by the people who produce Alpro soya yoghurts. So no wonder he liked them, they taste exactly the same as the others in our fridge!

The chocolates were also made by the same people who make some of the others we have tried and we know that Doves Farm have a good range of cereals. As I had my ‘detective hat’ on I decided to start looking for those elusive chocolate buttons again. I was down to my last pack and quickly discovered from the packaging that they were produced by Humdinger foods.

They had a lovely looking website featuring the range of snacks they product and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture of the white chocolate buttons!!! Finally, I had tracked them down, so clicked on the image in the hope that I would land on a page telling me I could order direct. No such luck. The Dairy Free page carried just one message – ‘Our dairy free range is no longer available’. So that is it then! No wonder they have disappeared from the supermarket shelves. What I don’t know is why. So I asked them. I emailed them through their website. Haven’t had a reply yet, but as soon as I do, you will hear about it.


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  1. I would think the reason the choc buttons have been discontinued must be due to the makers not getting enough sales. That’s very nearly always the reason for grocery lines being withdrawn. Shame for Zac as all children need a treat now and then. Although not dairy intolerant myself, I am sensitive and can’t eat too much, and am trying to find alternatives myself. Good luck on your hunt. I will be watching progress.

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