The Gluten Free Dairy Free Sausage 6

Amazingly they do exist and can be found with the ‘normal’ sausages. They are actually positioned, it appears to me, just as a premium meat product and not as a ‘free from’ food. And so they should be. What is cereal and or milk protein doing in any kind of sausage? It makes perfect sense to me. A quality meat product should be just that and it seems that two manufacturers have successfully persuaded the supermarkets.

Debbie & Andrew’s

The Black Farmer

I have found their sausages beside the premium sausages in the chillers at Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. They are just delicious and perfectly safe for Zac, and I imagine most people who are dairy, wheat, gluten intolerant. Of course, Zac won’t try them, as he is also deliberately ‘new food’ intolerant. I buy them anyway, the rest of the family loves them and one day, I hope, Zac will show an interest and love them too.

It is so nice to know that there are naturally ‘free from’ foods on the ‘normal’ shelves and they don’t seem to be at a particularly premium price. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if they were, as they are a superior product and I don’t mind paying a bit extra for quality. So please try them and make sure the supermarkets get the message, we all want good quality foods that don’t have unnecessary milk and cereal junk added.



  1. Hi Nicola, I don’t know if you remember me but I used to be Charlotte’s boss when she worked at Ceridian! I too suffered from food intolerences for a while but mine manifested by coming out as severe excema. I eventually resorted to Chinese Herbalist (cured some of it but not all of it) and then a homeopath who recommended no wheat, dairy, sugar. Again that worked as well. The chinese herbalist told me my liver wasn’t working properly – that it was sluggish and so wasn’t clearing the toxins. The only way the toxins could come out was through my skin. I stayed off wheat/dairy/sugar for about 18 months and I’m pelased to see that everything did rebalance and I can now eat all of it. Have you considered alternative medicines? I don’t think they work in isoloation but they do look at the body as a whole rather than just treating the sypmtoms. I conjunction with conventional medicine I think you then get the best of both worlds. I really feel for you and Zac as when I did this (about 10 years ago) there were vitually no “free from foods” – but at least I was an adult and could understand. I wish you luck and I hope that he will grow out of this unfair affliction. Great blog.

    • Hi Claire, yes I do remember you. I think we met several times years ago, certainly at the wedding. Thanks so much for your comment. Much appreciated. It is so amazing how many people have conditions like this to deal with. It is also amazing how many people notice an improvement once they alter their diet. I don’t know about you but it makes me wonder if something has got into the food chain at some point and that is why allergies and intolerance are on the increase.

      I am determined to find out more and raise awareness. As you say, it is a lot easier to to manage these conditions now than just a few years ago, but it is still a minefield and anyone ‘new’ to this finds it very hard work and costly. But the benefits are clearly there as you have discovered. As for Zac, we have had similar advice to you, completely avoid for well over a year and then gradually challenge his system to see if it was ready to manage them again. I am very happy to do this, as the difference in him has been remarkable since we became 100% df/gf/wf. Having said that his asthma and skin rashes seem to have got worse in recent times, which leaves me puzzled.

      Stacey English told me of a child she knows who was so allergic he suffered anaphylaxis when he ate. This was identified when he was first being weaned. He was treated over a number of years by Dr Fox and St Thomas’s and Dr Shah at GOSH and he is now ‘cured’.

      Their approach was a very careful programme of ‘desensitisation’ and gradually reintroducing tiny amounts of the allergens until he could tolerate them very well. How amazing. Makes perfect sense to me. When we immunise our children they get a little tiny dose of the thing they are being immunised against. I am really keen to see this doctor with Zac. I think his work sounds fascinating and will be contacting him shortly to see if he might help us. Watch this space.

      Thanks again for the comment.

      Best wishes

      Nicola x

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