Yakult? Reply

Just watching tv and saw an ad for Yakult. Could not help but wonder if this might be safe. I seem to remember years ago it was marketed as a product developed in the far east or something. So I wondered if it might be suitable for Zac as dairy is not a ‘staple’ in the far east and soya is far more commonly used.

Hopped on their website and found the FAQ page. Saw a good question. Is Yakult suitable for those with Lactose Intolerance? Yes – so far so good. Is it suitable for people who are gluten intolerant? Yes, it is completely gluten free. Even better. Then I noticed the million dollar question. Is it suitable for people who are allergic to milk? NO!!!! What a shame. It contains skimmed milk and is therefore not suitable for people who are allergic or intolerant to milk or dairy products. Zac’s intolerance to all things dairy has been described by his doctor’s, as closer to allergy level and therefore he needs to avoid ALL milk proteins and products – not just lactose. And that is the misunderstanding and potential trap to those who are new to this ‘dairy dodging’ business. It just crops up everywhere and something lactose free is just not safe enough for adults and children like Zac.


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