White chocolate buttons update 1

One of Zac’s favourite treats is the ‘Dairy Free’ brand of white chocolate buttons. In a post I made last week, I commented on how they had disappeared from the supermarket shelves. I searched online for them and found a statement on their website saying that they had discontinued their dairy free range. I wrote to the manufacturers Humdinger Foods.


They have now replied and apparently they have made this decision because the supermarkets are now selling their own brand dairy free chocolate buttons. I was urged, by their customer care team, to write to the supermarkets and ask them to consider stocking them again. They also suggested a facebook page to ‘Bring back Dairy Free’. I will do both and would be grateful if you could support this.

So far, I have seen little evidence to suggest that the supermarkets are bringing out their own brand versions. I have only seen them in Asda, sporadically. They have a ‘milk’ chocolate flavour and a chocolate orange variety. I have yet to see any white ones.

In the mean time, there may be a few to be found of the Dairy Free brand online, but as it is a while now since they disappeared from the stores, I suspect there are no more than a few packs left!

A delicious alternative are MooFree chocolate drops.


They are definitely available online and are starting to appear on the supermarket shelves. But for those of you who love the white chocolate buttons, it seems that they are gone for good – unless we put some pressure on the supermarkets. Please help.


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