High hopes for the Food Festival Reply

As a food lover and keen cook, I have always enjoyed eating my way around farmers markets and food festivals. It is a great way to discover new ingredients and broaden my cooking repertoire, and a lovely way to spend a lazy weekend.

This weekend I am going the Christchurch Food and Wine Festival. My parents live in Christchurch and we have been to the festival a couple of times before. It is a real foodie dream, so I can’t wait. Let’s just hope the sun shines and the rain stays away. It takes over the whole town centre and is a farmers market gone mad, with a lot of local producers selling their wares, and giving free tastes! There are local chefs and tv chefs giving demos and talks, on the high street and even in the restaurants. They also have some kids cookery workshops this year. Obviously Zac can’t go to those. Bread and pasta making workshops are lost on him!

However, I live in hope that one day we will be able to buy something from a street market that Zac can enjoy on the spot! So, I had a quick look at the exhibitors list on the website. http://www.christchurchfoodfest.co.uk/

I cannot see any that are positioning themselves as for the ‘free from’ market. Lots of cupcake ladies and artisan breadmakers so I am not overly hopeful that they will be selling anything suitable for Zac. However, there are plenty of organic and health food people, so I am clinging to the hope I might find a new product or manufacturer who is catering to our needs. If I do, I will get their details and post my findings. Fingers crossed.


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