Mystery ingredients – what’s in a name? Reply

In the two years since we identified Zac’s food intolerances, we have worked so hard to learn all we can about the mystery ingredients that were sneaking into foods and making him ill. If you have a dairy intolerance, it is not enough just to look for the word ‘milk’ in an ingredients list and the same goes for anyone with intolerances to egg, and wheat.

The naughty food manufacturers put so many scientific sounding ingredients into food that your average shopper could never feel confident about recognising them as potentially harmful. So I have been digging around to pull together a list of ingredients to beware of which I keep handy when shopping. I want to share it with anyone who suffers with these problems or has to cater for anyone with allergies – so here it is. It might not be definitive – but the foods listed here must be avoided to those with intolerances and allergies. Some are obvious, others less so. I am still a learner myself, but I think it is a good start and should help clear up some of the mysteries of food labelling. Happy shopping!

Milk allergy/intolerance sufferers are advised to avoid: milk, butter, yoghurt, cream, buttermilk, hydrolysed milk, non-fat milk solids, milk powder, margarine, butter fat, ice cream, lactose, caramel, whey, milk solids, cheese, fromage frais, caseinates, lactalbumin, curds, casein

Egg allergy/intolerance sufferers avoid: egg protein, egg lecithin, dried egg, dried yolk, egg yolk, E322, egg albumin, fresh egg

Wheat and gluten allergy/intolerance sufferers avoid: breadcrumbs, gluten, hydrolysed wheatprotein, wheat bran, wheat binder, wheat flour, wheat germ, wheatgerm oil, wheat gluten, wheat starch, wheat protein, whole wheat, wheat thickener, raising agent, modified starch, semolina wheat, cous cous, cereal extract, gelatinised starch, durum wheat, monosodium glutamate


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