Perfect day for an ice cream Reply

dairy free glee !

So the summer finally came. At one point this morning, it was as if someone had just switched a light on. One minute it was dark and then a second later I was looking for my sunglasses. Anyway, as the day heated up, I decided I’d better stock up on ice cream. I knew the local ice cream van would turn up in our road, just as I serve the kids tea, so I wanted to be prepared.

I ran, well drove quickly, to Tesco to get another tub of Swedish glace –

The kids’ favourite is the Neapolitan, but they only had the Vanilla, so I bought it anyway. I love it and as I just recently had my own dairy intolerance confirmed, this is going to be my chosen ice cream from now on too.

Thankfully, I struck lucky at The Allergy Show on Friday and found the much loved waffle cones.

I just wish I had bought two boxes now. If this weather stays, I can see us finishing the first box before the week is over. They are dreadfully expensive and every time I have bought a box, almost half have been smashed to pieces, but it is still worth it. Zac was thrilled to be presented with his exciting looking ice cream, after he finished his wheat free, gluten free, dairy free Bob The Builder pasta shapes with home-made ‘safe’ Bolognese sauce.

Every parent has probably used the promise of an ice cream as an incentive to polish off their dinner. It works well for mine and although is probably not the right thing to do, when you have an intolerant child, you have to try everything just to be sure that they are getting the right foods in them. Sorry parenting gurus and textbook lovers, when you have a child with food intolerances, the text books go out of the window, along with all the other kids’ recipe books.

To make Zac’s ice cream cone even more exciting, I often decorate it with ‘sprinkles’ or Moo Free chocolate drops

Just recently I discovered mini marshmallows. I didn’t really think the children would like them, as they are not crazy about ‘sweeties’ and are a bit weird about texture. I have never liked the fluffy, pillowy consistency and never thought about trying them until recently. Sophia was presented with a chocolate ice cream decorated with marshmallows at a party recently and since then, they have been hooked.

As ever, I always approach any ‘new’ food or ingredient with extreme caution and have been pleasantly surprised that most I have found have been safe. But today, just as I was about to sprinkle some on from a new pack, I noticed that they had wheat flour as a major ingredient. So I have now moved these ones back to our ‘Sophia’ shelf and away from the ‘Zac’ shelf, so there is no confusion. Just another reminder, that you can never ever assume an ingredient is safe, even if it does look pink and fluffy – for some crazy reason the wheat or the dairy always creeps in. Keep reading the labels!!!


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