Today’s adventures in baking – using coconut oil 2

It is baking outside, and it is baking time inside. The children asked me to make some more brownies and rock cakes today. I find it hard to say no to them, as knowing your children love your food is the nicest feeling. Also, I am happy they no longer want me to buy the horrid shop bought ‘free from’ cakes. Always so expensive and pretty grim.

As I have admitted many times before, I am not very good at baking and don’t even like eating cakes that much, so it is always a bit of a chore. Also, making a great tasting dairy free, wheat free, gluten free cake is quite a challenge.

Getting the texture right is an ongoing mission. Last week, I discovered that xanthan gum, seems to solve the problem of dusty rock cake crumbs but I am still struggling to get my chocolate brownies right. Several people have recommended corn oil and coconut oil to me. I had a quick look in Tesco yesterday and found some coconut oil and decided to give it a go. The one I found and used is made by The Groovy Food Company.

The smell is amazing. Very reminiscent of sun tan lotion, but in a good way. The texture is surprising, it is almost set and is much more like a paste or butter than an oil. It melts when you heat it and infuses the baking with a lovely taste, aroma and most important moist texture. It is very expensive. £6.99 a jar in Tesco. But a very little goes a long way and I am hopeful that this will last a long time.

It is just made from pure organic virgin coconut oil. It is GM free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. According to the label it won’t raise your cholesterol and no chemicals have been used to extract it. It is definitely worth a try as I am happy to say my brownies did turn out a lot more ‘gooey’ on the inside than last time, which was what I was hoping for. Result.



  1. Fantastic tip, thanks! How did you use it in the recipe? Did you replace an ingredient or use it as an extra? X

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