My first attempt at an egg free, gluten free, dairy free sponge cake – not bad 3

This morning, as I drove the children to school, they asked if I could make them a cake this afternoon. As it was a miserable day and I had to stay in for my Sainsbury’s delivery, I decided I would do it.

Zac had asked for his favourite rock cakes and Sophia asked for chocolate brownies. I said yes to both. Probably should have checked in the cupboards first. As I went through the recipes I realised, I didn’t have any caster sugar, then I went to the fridge and found that my eggs were a week past their use by date. I am sure they were probably ok, but with Zac being as sensitive as he is, I didn’t want to risk it.

I only had an hour before I needed to collect the children from school, as I had spent most of the morning working on other blog posts, tidying up and putting the shopping away. With no time to run to the shops for some eggs and sugar I decided to scratch around and see if I could find a recipe that I could follow. Easier than I thought, there was one for a sponge cake on the back of the Doves Farm Gluten Free White Self-Raising flour pack.

Looked simple enough so I decided to give it a go. Here is the recipe and this is how I did it.

Doves Farm Sponge Cake

125g/5oz sugar – it didn’t say what kind and I didn’t have any caster sugar, so used some light soft brown sugar

6tbsp sunflower oil – I didn’t have any of that either. I did have some vegetable oil but was not sure if that would taste too strong, so used my Groovy Foods coconut oil

Half a ripe banana – I used a whole one, as I wasn’t in the mood to eat the other half and I didn’t want to waste it

150g/6oz Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

4 tbsp of water

1 tsp oil (the recipe doesn’t say when and where this last drop of oil goes so I didn’t put it in!)

2 tbsp jam

1 tbsp icing sugar

–          Lightly grease or line a 18cm or 7 inch tin ( I did have one but the children asked me to make their cakes in their favourite silicone moulds, so Zac had his in a rabbit shape with extra sultanas and Moo Free chocolate chips added . Sophia had hers in the teddy bear shape, but wanted to decorate it afterwards with chocolate spread, sprinkles and marshmallows! So I split the mixture between the two moulds and put what was left in a couple of cupcake silicone cases!)

–          In a bowl beat the sugar, oil and vanilla. It did look a bit funny, the coconut oil is in fact solid like butter, but melts as you beat it. So for a while the mixture looks a bit wrong. But have faith, it does get better looking as you go along!

–          Peel and mash a banana and beat this into the sugar mixture.

–          Add the flour and water and mix well.

–          Turn the mixture into the prepared cake tin/mould and smooth the top

–          Bake in a preheated oven for 35 mins. 190 degrees, 170 for a fan oven or gas mark 5.

–          Turn out the sponge and cool on a wire rack

–          Use a very sharp knife to slice the sponge in half horizontally

–          Spread the jam on one half and place the other back on top

–          Sprinkle sieved icing sugar on the top

Or you could do what I did. I left Zac’s as it was because, as I had added sultanas and chocolate chips to his mixture, it was already pretty and sweet enough.

Sophia is a chocolate lover and wanted hers to be topped with chocolate spread. We use the Antony Worrall Thompson chocolate spread and sometimes the Asda chocolate spread. Both seem to be suitable for Zac as neither include dairy or gluten. They are both delicious too and work well as a cake topping or filling.

The chocolate spread made a very nice topping to the teddy bear sponge, then Sophia decorated him with sprinkles and marshmallows. He looked very lovely and she chopped off and ate his two feet in record time. Both children seemed to enjoy their cakes. I tried one of the ones in the fairy cake mould and found them to very spongy, and the banana flavour and aroma was quite strong, so perhaps half a banana is a better idea. I really liked the warm sultanas and chocolate chips addition too.

Obviously they were super sweet and not something you should eat every day, but Zac had badly scraped his face in the playground earlier in the day and Sainsbury’s had failed to deliver his ice cream cones, so I felt like I should indulge him a little bit. Seeing his smiling face as he chomped his way through the cake told me I had done the right thing. A happy ending to what had been a day full of ups and downs.



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