The latest – we are making progress! 2

So after a crazy few days of press interviews and Twitter flurries, I have finally made some progress. A friend told me that the MP for South West Bedfordshire, is very good and might be able to help. I contacted him as his constituency covers Dunstable and it was the Luton and Dunstable Hospital who most recently rejected an appointment for Zac.

The office of Andrew Selous MP responded extremely quickly. They said they would contact Nadine Dorries parliamentary office. I heard back from them soon after. They said they had not received my original email. I explained that I had gone on to her parliament webpage and used the email I found there.

Parliament webpage email

There are two email addresses – I chose the one for constituents, as I am one and this is a constituency issue – poor level of care from local GP, surgery and hospital. Perhaps I should have emailed both addresses and then I might have had more success. However, I am pretty sure she had left the country by Friday and wouldn’t have seen it if I had sent it to the other address. And even if she had, she will be in Australia for almost a month, so nothing is likely to happen for many weeks.

I never intended to get her in trouble. My biggest concern is the health of my son, and I am so frustrated that I cannot get the NHS care he needs. That is what I am looking to fix. I don’t want to get her sacked. I thought we could work together on this and perhaps do something positive. Obviously, now she has gone and has since been suspended, that is unlikely. Unless when she gets back, she feels that she can show the country that she is determined to do the right thing – and help a constituent in need. I am happy to work with her if she is happy to work with me on this.

I have been assured by her office that they are looking at my emails etc and that they will be in touch again. I am grateful to them and the people at Andrew Selous office. It is reassuring to know that people in both offices are concerned enough to ensure that this is  looked at, at the very least. It is just so sad that it has to come to this. Surely, I should not have to be emailing so many MP’s (I also sent one to Jeremy Hunt this morning) – just to get the basic level of care that my child needs and deserves? That is my point really.



  1. I respect and admire you, not only for the fight for help for Zac but the knowledge that many other parents and individuals are going through the same problems. It takes one or two very strong and determined people to make the voices of many heard.

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