Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 6 – marmite eggy bread 3

I know I am almost certainly not the first person ever to think of this, but I promise this is the first time that this recipe has occurred to me and it is definitely the first time I have tried it. I prefer savoury breakfasts to sweet things and so thought it was time to look at some ideas in that area. Zac and I love marmite. I know it can be a bit of a borderline product for coeliacs  – as it is a by-product of the brewing industry, but we seem to be ok with it.

When I was a little girl one of my favourite breakfasts was marmite soldiers dipped in a soft boiled egg – that was back in the day when you were encouraged to ‘go to work/school on an egg’. Then came the eighties and everyone got scared of eggs and for many people they went off the menu.

When you wean your baby now, you get conflicting advice about boiled eggs so I have to confess I chickened (!) out of trying them on my little ones. But they are so nutritious, quick and easy and if you are lucky enough that your intolerant child is ok with egg, it makes you think about trying them again. I remember how lovely egg and marmite tasted together and that is how my idea came together.

I knew Zac wouldn’t go down the dippy egg route, so I wondered how else I could tempt him. He loves marmite on toast, and so I thought I might be able to trick him into trying this marmite eggy bread, as it looks so familiar.

I toasted the bread (Warburtons gluten free) first and then added a scrape of Pure Dairy Free spread and then a very generous smearing of marmite. I don’t know if you are supposed to toast the bread first, but I like it a bit crunchy and am not sure Zac would trust it if it looked a bit floppy and uncooked.

Next I coated the toast in a beaten up egg in a large shallow bowl. I gave it a real ‘swim’ around to make sure both sides were really well covered. I then cooked it in my already hot griddle pan. I didn’t need to add any oil to the pan. Just popped the slice on the hot pan and it was ready in no time. It also had those satisfying scorched stripes on too so it felt like a proper ‘griddled’ offering. The marmite and the nicely cooked egg tasted every bit as good as I remember. Definitely worth a try. Zac was a bit unsure – but I will make it again for him. I am determined to get him through his fussy stage and with a bit of variety, I am sure we will get there.

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