Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 12 – The Full English Reply

As it is Saturday, and we have time on our hands for a leisurely family breakfast, I decided to treat us all to a full English. When you think about it this is one of the easiest meals to make safe for a gluten and dairy intolerant person. For anyone who is not allergic to tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs you are halfway there already. Not everyone likes them for breakfast, but for some baked beans are a big part of the deal, so the Coeliacs out there probably just need to double check the ingredients in the sauce, before adding these too, as not all brands will be safe.

Most bacon should be safe, and there are some great gluten free, dairy free sausages readily available now. I have blogged about my findings in this area many times before. 1/ The Black Farmer 2/ More on Sausages 3/The Gluten Free Dairy Sausage

My husband and I love the Debbie & Andrews Harrogate 97% pork shoulder sausages.

They are more widely available, at the moment, than our other big favourite, The Black Farmer. Tesco have amazingly stopped stocking his sausages, but I sincerely hope they will bring them back, as Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, who is The Black Farmer, works so hard to promote good, ethical, safe meat products and should be applauded for his efforts.

I did notice recently that Tesco are now stocking a ‘similar’ looking product in the shelf space that The Black Farmer used to occupy. These new sausages are called The Chef and Farmer – and are also gluten and dairy free. As children tend to prefer smaller sausages, I decided to try a packet of their chipolatas for this breakfast experiment. They do have a high meat content (90%) but are incredibly bland compared to The Black Farmers version called The Black Farmers Daughters chipolatas. So I won’t be buying those again. Instead I will shop online and support Wilfred and his superior brand.

To try and engage Zac in this breakfast, I decided to have a go at making his plate look a bit more appealing than normal by making a bit of a picture with the food. I gave him some gluten free toast, with some dairy free spread, topped the toast with some grilled mushrooms, placed a little ‘pool’ of baked beans in the middle and used two sausages and a bit of grilled ham (I didn’t have any bacon) to finish it off. I thought it looked great. I knew there was no point adding egg or tomato, as he won’t try them, and knowing Zac he is bound to react to them! Of course, he wouldn’t eat any of it. Not even the toast, because it had touched the beans. So I ate it. And it was delicious. The easiest and tastiest of all the gluten free, dairy free breakfasts I have ever cooked or eaten.

photo (74) photo (73)blackfarmer


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