Cheats home-made df/gf garlic bread – easy Reply

One of Zac’s favourite foods when we he was a little tot was garlic bread. Once his diet became gluten free and dairy free, the shop bought stuff was ‘out’. I have since discovered that Asda have a version in their freezer section. It is ok. But so rarely in our local store that I decided to set about making or ‘creating’ my own.

I created some garlic butter by mixing a squirt of garlic puree (from a tube) in with a dollop of Pure sunflower spread. I learned to do this when he was just a dairy free boy. I used garlic puree because, although fresh garlic is nice, it is pretty hard, even with the best crusher or amazing knife skills, to get it this smooth. Although many little ones love garlic, no-one enjoys the shock of biting down on a chunk of it!

Once he became gluten free too, we discovered Dietary Specials ciabatta rolls. He loves them and they are the perfect size for creating an individual ‘mini loaf’ of garlic bread. Just slash across with a knife about three times, don’t cut all the way through. Then spread the garlic butter on the mini slices of bread that have opened up from the ‘slashes’. Place on a baking tray, drizzle with a bit of extra virgin olive oil – to add a bit more flavour and keep it moist. Put in a medium hot oven for a few minutes – and you will soon have your own ‘homemade’ dairy free, gluten free garlic bread.

Another alternative ‘bread’ for this ‘recipe’ are the rolls that Warburton’s – Newburn Bakery have recently launched. A bit larger than the Dietary Specials ones but a very good gluten free bread and very delicious. We discovered them when the very nice MD of Warburton’s sent us some free samples to try. Zac loves them, and they have been a regular in his pre-school packed lunches ever since. As I had so much ‘free’ stuff, I didn’t buy any Dietary Specials for quite some time, so the next time Zac asked for garlic bread, I had no choice but to try with the Newburn rolls. It worked perfectly well. I tried some,  and they tasted great. So it is well worth experimenting. Just thought I’d share this one, as it is always useful to have a quick and easy solution up your sleeve!

home made garlic bread


garlic bread 2


photo (100)



warburtons bread roll


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