Rocky Road – made by Morrisons, recreated by me… 2

Recently they had a Garden Party at school and pre-school and all the little people had an afternoon ‘tea’ together. The ladies at pre-school, as always kindly bought in ‘something special’ for Zac to eat whilst all the others tucked into homemade cupcakes etc. When I picked Zac up that day, he was raving on about how Allison gave him ‘some special Rocky Roads’. He wanted me to buy some more – but I wasn’t sure where they had come from. Don’t recall seeing them in the supermarkets I visit. So I asked Allison, and she said it was Morrisons.

I have to confess, I rarely go to Morrisons, there isn’t one that close, but my mother in law often does and has told me she has found a good selection of gluten free, dairy free foods in her local store, and the prices were more reasonable than Sainsbury’s or Tesco. So last Friday, I was in Letchworth meeting a friend and as it happens we met in a hotel beside Morrisons! As soon as we finished, I dashed in and sure enough – there they were. There was a very good amount of shelf space dedicated to Free From and a lot of it was their own brand, which is very striking.

rocky road

rocky road

The look on Zac’s face when I handed them over was priceless. I am not sure why I didn’t buy two packs really. So as he is desperate for them again and I haven’t got time to get over to Morrisons today, I thought I’d have a go and make some myself. I have made something similar before.

But that was ages ago, and I think we had both forgotten about that little cooking experiment. So that is my task for today, to see if I can use ‘my recipe’ above and make them look and taste like the Morrisons ones. I just need to dig out the very pinkest of the gluten free marshmallows, the very juiciest and fattest sultanas I can find and hope he won’t mind that I haven’t got any glace cherries. I do have the right cereal this time. Last time I made them with Nature’s Path Gluten Free Munch, but recently we discovered Nature’s Path Gluten Free Crispy Rice. Hopefully that will make all the difference, as he wasn’t mad keen on them last time. Wish me luck…



  1. I have recently discovered rocky road is fantastic to make yourself and so much more choice than the supermarkets. I’m also very pleased Zac got to have some safe treats at school 🙂

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