Summer with my intolerant child – not without dramas! 1

Summer holidays, at home and abroad – never easy with an allergic/intolerant child. We have had a particularly lively couple of months. We have had skin infections, ear infections, nail bed infections, allergic reactions to insect bites, accidental anti-biotics overdose from a reckless GP, travels abroad, an allergic reaction to an ice lolly in Spain and vomiting episode in the arrivals hall at Luton Airport. Makes you want to stay at home! But we don’t, we press on and try and be normal – because you have to don’t you?

So where to start. I think I will have to publish our summer adventures as a series of posts and this can just be the introduction. It isn’t all wallowing though – we have had some fun, and I was particularly impressed to see how easy gluten free food was to find in Spain, so there are many positives to be highlighted too. I have also been in touch with some new ‘allergy friends’ and am setting up a series of podcasts and interviews with some really interesting people from our allergic ‘universe’.

I also owe you some food reviews. Since the Allergy Show I have been in touch with several of the exhibitors there and have been lucky enough to receive some lovely free samples to review and share. It has only been just over a year since I set up the blog but in the last few months, things seem to have really moved along and I can see now that there are loads of people out there just like us who are all working on various projects to help others navigate their way through the reality of coping with allergy and intolerance. It is starting to feel like there is a really great community pulling together and with a bit of effort and support we can probably start to make some progress and raise awareness of the issues we are all facing.




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