Finding ‘free from’ foods Reply

Here are some links to blog posts where I have talked about our experiences tracking down foods – whether it was brands on the supermarket shelves, eating in restaurants or staying in hotels. Hope they are of some use and interest.

Feeding my intolerant child – out and about and on holidays

Easy Elevensies – simple snacks and treats, no cooking skill required

Easter and the Dairy Free Kid

Freefromforkids – lovely online shop

The cost of Feeding My Intolerant Child

Pret A Manger Milton Keynes – a new place to eat?

Genius bread – not so clever if you ask me!!!

A Free From Food Hero – The Black Farmer

Love Lactose Free Life – you bet we do

Good days and bad days – life with an intolerant child

Eating out – forget about it

Are the supermarkets reducing their free from foods? The shelves seem to be shrinking!

Burger King fries – NOT gluten free

Rice noodles – a naturally DF, GF product

Carluccio’s Milton Keynes – could they cater for my intolerant child?

The best range of Free From foods I have seen in ages – Sainsbury’s Milton Keynes

Update on ice cream cones – very disappointed with Sainsbury’s

The true cost of the DF, GF ice cream cones – much more than £3 a box!

Our ideal party menu – no extra expense necessary

Fun snacks – handy for days out

Ice cream cones – I know it is raining, but I still want them!

Fairy Cakes failure – thank goodness for packet mixes

Chocolate buttons – my favourite baking ingredient

Today’s adventures in baking – using coconut oil

Perfect day for an ice cream

Zizzi’s – a good choice for the intolerant family

The Allergy Show – my first experience

Is it different in Australia?

A cook back in time

Gluten free is not enough

Travelling beyond the Free From aisle

Another day, another party…

The White Chocolate buttons are coming back

Xanthan Gum – crumbs, that sounds scary

Ice cream is NOT off the menu

Come dine with me…

Navigating the aisles

You always forget something…

The Dairy Free Detectives

Another day, another supermarket…

Eating out…


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