It’s National Curry Week too! Here’s my favourite DF, GF curry recipe. Reply

I was just reading my favourite food magazine and discovered it is National Curry Week as well as National Chocolate Week. It’s like all my birthdays have come at once! As I have already spent a lot of time on cakes this week, this has come as a timely reminder that I need to think about some wholesome dinners too. So I have been going back through my favourite dairy free, gluten free recipes and thought I would share this very special one with you..

It’s Dairy free chicken curry. I first posted it on a rainy June day – but think it is perfect for a rainy October Thursday. It’s probably not particularly authentic but in my head it is a ‘curry’ – it’s a celebration of exotic ingredients, makes you feel full and happy, smells and tastes so comforting – and isn’t that why we all love a good curry?

The other reason I’m so proud of it, is that it’s a reminder that ‘world foods’ and ingredients are what makes dairy free, gluten free living far from dull and really rather exciting. So many ingredients which originally came to us from foreign cuisines are safe and add a whole new dimension to our cooking. I know I couldn’t live without coconut milk, pulses, rice noodles, gram flour etc.

Recently I discovered African cookery too, thanks to a lovely lady I met at the Novelli Cookery School. Patti Sloley is from Ghana and has written several stunning books on West African cookery. Many of her recipes are ‘naturally’ gluten and dairy free. Have a look at her website and you will see what I mean. She has several great ‘curry’ recipes and I will be making one myself this week – the Easy Chicken Curry from her book A Plate in the Sun. It’s 100% dairy and gluten free and looks nice and easy, so suits me very well.

If you are thinking about celebrating Curry week too and want to make it gf and df always head to the world foods aisles in your supermarkets first. You will find a much broader range of ingredients there and at a much more reasonable price. Check out my money saving tips

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Served with rice noodles

Served with rice noodles


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